Court Bonds

Probate Problems?



You’re not alone. Navigating probate can be challenging. Bonds are often required and the terminology can be baffling. Colonial’s here to help. Our online service makes it easy and speedy for anyone to secure any of the bonds required during the probate process. Surrogate bond? Yes! Fiduciary Bond? Sure! Administrator Bond? Absolutely! Probate Bond? For Sure!


Colonial’s online court bond portfolio makes it easy: just select the bond you need, enter your info and payment method, then print or download your bond. E-file before leaving court. Special issues? Specific obligee requirements? No problem—our knowledgeable staff is at the ready. Court Bonds Here Now.


Even lawyers find bonds challenging—and time consuming. Using The Partnership Account® for Attorneys, lawyers can log into Colonial’s portfolio, anytime, from anywhere, access required bonds, forward quotes to clients for payment, and then download and file the bond on the spot. Go ahead, obtain digital bonds from your mobile and e-file before leaving court (or the zoom room).


Colonial’s fiduciary bond portfolio  includes: administrator, estate, executor, guardian, personal representative, probate, surrogate, trustee, conservator and more. We also have a full array of court bonds, including appeal, injunction, replevin—and more.


Colonial Surety is rated “A Excellent” by A.M. Best Company, U.S. Treasury listed, and licensed for business everywhere in the USA.


Trust Colonial. We’re here to help: or 800-221-3662.