Recent Updates in ERISA Plan Investment Regulation


The Labor Department has launched new guidance on private equity in 401(k) plan designated investment choices and a suggested regulation on social, environmental and governance investing. The proposed rule, titled Financial Factors in Selecting Plan Investments, if finalized, would consolidate a number of Interpretive and Field Assistance Bulletins and various other guidance the Labor Department has released in the past thirty years.

Though each slice of the guidance has analyzed ESG investing in a way that amplifies the transforming proclivities of presidential administrations, each has been congruent in announcing that plan fiduciaries must execute investment decisions solely on the best interest of plan participants and cannot allow greater risk or less returns to drive collateral goals.

Plan sponsors must ensure they are compliant with the Department of Labor. This includes acquiring an ERISA fidelity bond for their company’s employee benefit plan. Our ERISA bonds are available for instant quote and purchase. We also include Fiduciary Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance in our 2 and 3-year ERISA bond packagesFiduciary Liability Insurance protects the fiduciary against claims of actual or alleged breaches of duty, while Cyber Liability Insurance, which only comes with the ERISA bond package, helps you adeptly respond to a data breach. Contact us today to purchase your bond.