License & Permit Bonds

Requirements for a New Jersey Driving School License


Teaching driver’s education to future drivers is a thrilling, rewarding experience for both the teacher and the pupil. However, before you get behind the wheel, there are a few procedures you must follow to obtain a driving school license.

  • You must submit a completed application to the Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey.
  • You must pay the $250 initial license fee.
  • All agents and instructors must be found on the fingerprint request notification form.
  • The driving school cannot appear to be associated with the Motor Vehicle Commission
  • The driving school must have a separate home office or office location apart from the living quarters. In addition, the separate building must also have its own entrance way.
  • The business must employ a qualified instructor licensed for no less than two years and completed 500 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction along with a three-credit college course.
  • The business is not allowed to be conducted from a grocery store, tent, restaurant, bar, liquor store, temporary address, temporary stand, or through a telephone-answering service
  • The building must have zoning approval.
  • There must be proof of worker’s compensation for all employees working at the driving school.
  • There must be samples readily available for advertisements, expense receipts, proposed service agreements, and statement of service for pre-approval by the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Obtain a New Jersey Driving School Bond

A driving school must place the safety of their students and instructors at paramount importance. Hence, a driving school bond is recommended to ensure all instructors will deliver high-quality performance and services to each student. Contact us today to learn more about license and permit bonds.