Retirement Planning: Don’t Forget to Ask “Where?”


Retirement planning commonly revolves around “how much” and “when.” An often overlooked question is “where” and it matters a lot.

Assumptions, Dreams, and Realities

Typically, retirement planning is rooted in making assumptions about the annual income that will be needed to retire comfortably and the desired timing for doing so. Oddly, really nailing down “the where” has often been largely glossed over, even though our location weighs heavily into our estimated cost of living. Consider, for example, how big ticket items in family budgets, like housing, transportation and taxes, can shift with different responses to the “where” question.

As a retirement plan sponsor, consider encouraging more attention to “where” in communications with plan participants. Perhaps it is even a question you need to ask yourself? You are not alone if you have not seriously dealt with where you intend to live upon retirement. It seems that though many of us may have dreams, we have tended to stay put. Of course, as the pandemic has disrupted so much, that pattern may be changing too. As the National Association of Plan Sponsors (NAPA) recently observed:

Data suggests that however much we may talk about moving, most stay put….In a survey conducted in 2018, AARP found[i] that 77% of those age 50 and older either “somewhat” or “strongly” agreed that they would like to remain in their communities for as long as possible, and 76% of that group indicated they would like to stay in their current residence for as long as possible. Nearly half of adults age 50 and older say they will never move.

But that, as they say, was “then.” Among the many other potential shifts in assumptions going forward may well be the decision of where to live—not only in, but heading toward—retirement. Some may well have the opportunity to live somewhere different now that they didn’t have, or didn’t think of having, “before.” Some may have that “choice” thrust upon them. And some may no longer be as comfortable living hundreds of miles away (and across state lines), from those they love.

 Never Skip The Fundamentals

Factoring in “where” is a good example of how retirement planning needs to cover all the bases. Attention to all the fundamentals is also key to a plan sponsor’s approach to protecting the retirement funds—and your own assets too!

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