Cyber for Plan Sponsors

Safeguard Your Remote Workplace with Cyber Liability Insurance


A cyber-attack can not online bring your remote workforce to its knees, but damage your company for years to come. Operational continuity is paramount for establishments at the peak of fruitfulness, and during this pandemic, we are far from the best of times. The coronavirus has unearthed extraordinary obstacles for organizations and individuals together, and maintaining a semblance of normalcy amid the mass shift to remote working and online service delivery is proving to be an uphill battle. Cyber resilience can help cement fluent operational continuity by safeguarding data employees need to execute their daily tasks. But how can employers successfully combat these obstacles head-on? We’ll tell you.

Act, don’t react. Cyber threats hardly happen in a single instance. Establishments that encounter cyber breaches also spot theft of financial assets, customer data, and intellectual property. Cyber hackers will habitually launch a clever attack against once slice of a company to divert attention from a separate malware exploit and hacking attempt. Hence, comprehensive mitigation must be an integral component of your organization’s defense.

Protect the cloud. To reinforce your protective measures, it is vital to direct all digital traffic via an external cloud service that utilizes algorithms and machine learning strategies to identify and filter out all malicious traffic instant prior to the attack.

Defend your APIs. Stealthy cyber-attacks encompass targeting web applications and the APIs that are utilized with the goal of exfiltrating data. Criminal are constantly searching for the weakest link within your digital domain. Consequently, organizations can examine the risk exposure of their web applications and APIs, deploy automated solutions that can dynamically adapt to novel threats, and halt attacks before they can reach the application to prevent future breaches.

Cyber Liability Insurance is critical for the prosperous financial future and well-being of your company. A single attack could be costly and devastating to try and conquer on your own. Our ERISA bond packages, which include an ERISA Fidelity bond, Fiduciary Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance, can help protect your company and its employee benefit plan from catastrophic damages to your brand and its valuable assets. Contact us to learn more about our ERISA packages and cyber coverage.