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Single Parent? Designate a Guardian



All parents have lots to worry about—and single parents carry extra concerns on their shoulders. For example, legal experts emphasize the importance of thinking ahead about guardianship for children. In fact, guardianship is a central aspect of estate planning.

Estate Planning and Guardianship Basics

Let us face it: planning for death is not generally at the top of anyone’s list, right? Sudden, untimely death that leaves uncared for minors behind is even harder to ponder. That is why experienced estate planners encourage thoughtful contingency planning:

 Every adult needs an estate plan and this is especially true of single parents. After all, children of single parents may have no fallback guardian should the unthinkable happen meaning it is all the more important to have a contingency plan in place.

 Making guardianship designations is a step in writing your will. Before naming a person to this role, it is important to have an honest conversation with potential candidates, however. While your own parents are those most likely to share you are parenting values and style, their age might be cause for concern. One solution is to name substitute guardians who you, of course, will want to also ensure share your goals.

The role of legally appointed guardian comes with fiduciary responsibility, which means that the appointed person may be held liable if found to have acted otherwise than in your childrens best interest. 

For the well-being of children, courts often require the designated guardian to post a type of surety bond referred to as a guardianship bond. The purpose of a guardianship bond is to protect the interest and affairs of the ward in accordance with applicable state laws. With national, digital and direct service, Colonial Surety Company makes it easy to obtain a guardianship bond efficiently and quickly. At Colonial, the steps to obtain a guardianship bond are easy: get a quote online, fill out the information, and enter a payment method, then print or e-file the bond from anywhere, anytime. Obtain a Guardianship Bond Here.

Practical Planning Advice


As you plan for the well-being and security of your children, legal experts advice-making plans covering not just how they will be cared for if you die, but also how they will be supported financially. Choosing an appropriate life insurance option can be daunting, but the right estate-planning lawyer can also help you with this task, ensuring that your children receive distributions as they grow. You can learn more about estate planning basics here. If you are not sure about who could be a guardian for your children, you may find the National Guardianship Association’s information about professional guardianships helpful.

 Family and Estate Lawyer?

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