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Stuck In A Rut? Marketing Ideas



You already provide great customer service, smartly handle your social, just invested in a professionally designed website–all this and yet you still aren’t generating the new leads you want. Here are a few more ideas to try. Though not miracle grow, choosing and sticking with a few of these tactics will help you grow your construction business. 


Branching Out Takes Commitment

Growing means building new relationships in real life. Getting likes is nice, but real connection requires putting yourself out there as a business leader. Bring attention to your brand and attract new clients as you dedicate time to tactics like these five:


1.Sponsor local events and teams. Not all marketing efforts have to be online. Getting involved with local events and sports teams will increase your business’s visibility in the community.


2.Collaborate with local architects, designers and suppliers to introduce your services and widen your network. Pairing up with industry partners increases your skill level.


  1. Invest time in networking.Attend industry events, workshops and local meetings to build relationships and expand your client base. Actively networking is all about staying on top of what’s new in the business and building those trusted working relationships.


  1. Get involved in the community.Getting involved with charitable organizations shows that you care about your community….For example, commit “to a culture of giving back by providing each employee with paid time off to serve in the community.”


  1. Partner with building material companies to promote each other. Feature the products you use on projects across your platforms, and the suppliers can feature your work on their platforms.


Other important live connections to make in your area are with vocational training centers, community colleges, and high schools. Instructors are likely to be in the know about interesting upcoming local build opportunities. Of course, your best pipeline to workers is most likely also found through cultivating relationships with up and comers. By mentoring students, visiting as a guest presenter, or even offering apprenticeships, chances are you’ll find yourself having more fun—even as you build your brand.


Contractor’s Advantage?

When you’re ready to bid on more work, be sure you have an edge, with the right partner behind you. Open doors to unprecedented possibilities for your business with these contractor advantages, uniquely from Colonial Surety Company:



  • Free Business Credit Scores: Instantly receive your business credit scores at no cost.
  • Pre-Qualify for Surety Line of Credit: Explore the possibility of having a line of credit–in writing– with single and aggregate bonding limits.
  • Easy Qualification Process: Just submit your basic  financial information, and our dedicated underwriter will guide you through the qualification process.



Upon approval, you’ll enjoy privileges like:



  • Written Bonding Limits: Receive your single and aggregate bonding limits in writing.
  • Instant Bid Bond Issuance: Gain the ability to issue your own bid bonds within minutes.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Log in to view your underwriting profile and financial scores in real time.



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