License & Permit Bonds

The Magnitude of License and Permit Bonds During COVID-19


Amidst the current epidemic, trepidation and uncertainty is at an all-time high. Solidifying trust between company and consumer is absolutely critical to support business operations. One of the best ways to nurture customer satisfaction and trust is for a business to be licensed and bonded.

In addition to complying with governmental regulations, a license bond is important because customers expect contractors to be licensed, bonded, and insured. Bonding provides customers to with peace of mind prior to contractors embarking on a crucial project.  extra coat of protection that a company can market to give them peace of mind prior to embarking on an important project. Customers consider a bonded contractor to be trustworthy and customer-centric. The bond guarantees the contractor will comply with its license obligations.

Obtain a License and Permit Bond

Comply with licensed-bonding requirements and market your bonding to your clients by obtaining a license and permit bond. Colonial Surety Company’s I-bonds® or instant surety bonds are available for instant quote, purchase, print or e-file from your mobile device or home computer. We are an innovative, digital and direct provider of license and permit bonds. We are currently licensed in every state in the nation and make obtaining your bond easier than ever. Contact us today to receive your bond.