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Tips For Gaining Conservatorship


Attaining a conservatorship for a loved one can be a tough but necessary endeavor, with healthcare facilities playing an important role in determining who is able to have a conservatorship in place. Attending physicians often are the ones who make determinations as to whether a disability or incapacitation is at the level requiring a conservatorship.

The best things you can do to advocate for a conservatorship to be established is to include providing thorough documentation of your loved one’s behavior, disability, and day to day life. This can establish context beyond what the doctor is presently witnessing at a healthcare facility. Secondly, you should try to meet in person with the people in charge of the patient in order to advocate in person. Click here to learn more.

If the conservatorship is established, the appointed conservator will often be required to purchase a conservator surety bond in order to guarantee faithful performance of their duties as conservator under the applicable laws.

But where can you get an instant conservator bond?

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