Surety Bonds

Travel Agencies: increased Business Ahead?


Many of us are longing for a get-away and even researching the possibilities for the year ahead. With the logistics of safe travel top of mind, more people are likely to seek expertise from travel agents than in the recent past.

Noteworthy Travel Trend: Turning to Experts For Help

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted travel around the globe, to say the least! At the onset, some people desperately tried to get home. Later, others tried to travel to be with family in need of assistance. As they juggled cancellations, bookings, vouchers and new regulations, more travelers found themselves in need of experts and sought help from travel agents.


As AARP reports:

Since the dawn of the internet — which spawned online travel agencies like Expedia and Travelocity and DIY hotel and flight bookings — travel advisers have been fighting for their legitimacy. Many of them, and their clients, now say the pandemic proved their worth.

“When you work with a travel adviser, you have an advocate who’s watching everything for you and can move the pieces of an itinerary around as necessary,” says Erika Richter, a spokeswoman for the American Society of Travel Advisors, an industry association. It’s about protecting their investment. Think about your travel portfolio like a financial portfolio. Don’t you want to work with an expert to advise you?”

Opening a Travel Agency?

As it becomes safer to travel again, people’s needs will be different. They will want more flexibility to cancel or change plans, assistance navigating the most up to date regulations and ideas about “hidden” destinations—away from the crowds. Travel Agencies can offer this expert guidance.

If you are a resourceful planner—and travel aficionado—the time could be ripe for you to open your own travel agency. Customized, personal support may be in particularly high demand for the elderly travelers so consider this niche market for your business.

A good first step toward realizing your travel business is obtaining a Travel Agency Bond. This is generally required by the government as a prerequisite to operating a licensed business.


Colonial Surety Company is a leading provider of license and permit bonds—including Travel Agent Bonds. Colonial Surety is licensed in all 50 states and US territories and makes it easy to obtain your I-Bond® (instant, online surety bond).


 The Purpose of Travel Agent Bonds


Travel Agent Bonds, are sometimes also referred to as Seller of Travel Bonds. These are a type of surety bond—and like all surety bonds, their purpose is to protect the public interest.


As Travel Market Report explains:


Travel agency bonds protect the individuals and entities that sell travel products via your business, as well as the customers your agency serves. They ensure that travel professionals will make all necessary payments on bookings they have taken for hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other travel services providers. In this sense, they safeguard the general public from fraud and any contract breaches committed by travel agencies.

In the unlikely event of such actions on the side of travel providers, the bond can be used to provide compensation to affected parties.


While bonds dont work like insurance for you, they are a powerful proof that your travel agency is legitimate and safe. In the larger context of the travel industry, bonds ensure that travel operators are held to high standards. This helps protect the image of the business and boost the trust that consumers have in travel professionals.



Obtaining Your Travel Agent Bond


Good news! You can obtain your travel agent bond right from your own home office.


Colonial Surety Company offers the direct and digital way to obtain your travel agent license bond—instantly! The steps are easy — get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Print your bond from your home or office. It’s that simple. Get your Travel Agent Bond here today!