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Trying Something New



Sometimes “the tried and true” approach leads to great results. Then again, some builders succeed by “tuning out the noise,” and following their instincts as they pave new paths. Interestingly, “something new” does not always have to be complicated to lead to impressive results. Here’s a great example!


Trust Your Instincts

Zach Young of Potholes Heroes in southern Florida  figured out that instead of making pavement patching a slice of the business—it could be the whole business. For Construction Pros reports that as Young concentrated on this niche, he also chose a different approach to the work, including using infrared tools, which others were not shy about questioning:


“I was in the Nashville airport, talking to a guy and he just straight up tells me that infrared isn’t as good, that it takes too much time, or that it doesn’t last as long. I mean, to me it just made me want to know more, but that’s my nature. If someone gets that way about something like that, I’m kind of contrarian that way. I’ve got to find out for myself, and I did.” That personal investigation led Young and Potholes Heroes to grow into a hugely successful pavement repair and maintenance network, which has spread nearly statewide, and that speaks for itself.


Carving out a niche and leveraging infrared technology are not the only new approaches Young has put into use at Potholes Heroes. Operations management benefits from a fresh take too: “If our crews have five days worth of work to do…and they get it done in three days. Then–BYE! Have a nice two days off then….We aren’t looking to squeeze our crews for every possible minute, that just burns people out, they leave, and then you have to start over again with new hires….I think that’s a reason we’ve had some success in our recruitment and turnover, as well.”


Given the painful labor shortages in construction, lots of builders are indeed figuring out new ways to attract and retain workers. As the Potholes Heroes example illustrates, fresh approaches to management don’t have to be complex to be successful. Business pro Brandon Noel points out: “The idea is so strikingly simple, that it borderlines on the absurd when you say in the context of the way a business might operate. However, Young says it has proven successful.”


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Interesting To Think About

Risk taking is what gets businesses off the ground. Unfortunately, the complexities of running them sometimes contribute to owners becoming averse to trying out new approaches. As Pros remind us, though, trying something new “won’t guarantee success, nothing truly will, but there is one guarantee you can count on in your business. If you don’t take any risk at all, you severely limit the possible future of your business.”


The Partnership Account® helps contractors take strategic risks, as they stack up wins, one in front of the next. In addition to a surety line of credit—in writing, The Partnership Account® gives qualified construction companies:


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