Court Bonds

Types of Guardianships


Guardians are appointed by courts to aid a person with their financial needs.

The most common types of guardians and the ones you’ve probably heard about are guardians of minors. The minor they are aiding is not the adult guardian’s child. Guardians are appointed in these situations when children are abandoned by their birth parents, when the minor’s parents have died, or when the minor’s parents are for some reason unable to provide proper care for the minor. The adult guardian may be granted physical custody of the minor or may just function as a financial guardian and be placed in charge of the minor’s assets and property.

The other type of guardianship is over an elderly or incapacitated person regardless of age. Whereas the minor may be of sound mind but under the age of 18, the elderly or incapacitated person needs their interests protected with a guardian even being over 18 years of age. The guardian is encouraged to give their ward as much autonomy is possible, but may have to make decisions regarding the ward’s medical care, support, or even their personal property depending on the specific case.

In either case, the guardian may be required to obtain a guardianship surety bond to protect the interests and affairs of their ward following applicable state law.

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