Surety Bonds

Unmarried Partners & Estate Planning


When it comes to estate planning, having a marriage certificate with your life partner is critical. Without it, state intestacy laws do not let an unmarried couple inherit from each other, meaning your close relatives will ultimately inherit your property. If you want your unmarried partner to obtain your assets should you pass away, proper estate planning must be completed.

Creating a will allows you to leave your precious property to the recipients of your choice: your friends, partner, family, or charitable organizations. If you have children, choosing a guardian is also part of making a will. With your guardians appointed in writing, your unmarried partner will have a much easier time becoming your children’s guardian than without a will.

There are a number of other techniques you can utilize as well, including having jointly-owned property, designating bank account beneficiaries, and making living wills in order to get your unmarried partner the assets you desire.

In order to protect the interests of your estate and its designated beneficiaries in accordance with state law, the estate executor would have to obtain an estate surety bond. This helps ensure that your designated beneficiaries get what you intend.

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