Surety Bonds

What are VA Fiduciary Bonds?


The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) cares for, serves and honors America’s veterans. The VA’s “fiduciary program” provides oversight of benefits for the most vulnerable veterans—those who cannot manage their benefits on their own, due to age, injury or disease. Through this program, fiduciaries can be appointed to manage the benefits of a veteran. In such cases, the fiduciary is generally required to have a “VA Fiduciary Bond” to prevent fraud or misuse of the benefits.

Who Can Be Appointed as a VA Fiduciary?

When the VA appoints a fiduciary to receive benefits on behalf of a beneficiary,  the benefits must be used to support the beneficiary or their dependents. If a fiduciary is needed, the VA works “to select the most effective and least restrictive fiduciary arrangement.” A fiduciary could be an individual chosen by the beneficiary, a spouse, relatives, friends, qualified caregivers, officers of public or private institutions, or a bonded officer of an Indian reservation. In the case no such individuals are available, the VA may appoint a paid fiduciary.

Download the VA’s fact sheet about the fiduciary program here

How Are VA Fiduciaries Screened and Bonded?

Prior to appointing a fiduciary, the VA conducts an intensive screening, including a criminal background check, credit history and interviews with character witnesses. In most cases, before assuming fiduciary duties,  fiduciaries are required to get a VA Fiduciary Bond. This is to safeguard the beneficiaries in the event a fiduciary commits fraud or misuses funds.

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 Good To Know: What Are The Duties of a VA Fiduciary

VA appointed fiduciaries to have many responsibilities and are charged with executing them with the utmost integrity, to safeguard beneficiaries’ rights and benefits. AARP provides a helpful guide to the proper execution of the duties:

Some of the important advice AARP details for VA Fiduciaries include:

  • Avoiding even the appearance of conflicts of interest
  • Protecting unspent funds
  • Keeping the beneficiaries’ funds separate
  • Managing money to meet basic needs first (e.g. food, housing…)
  • Providing accurate and timely reports