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What Does a Notary Do?


Notaries are officials appointed by a state government, usually by the state’s Secretary of State office, to serve the public interest as an impartial witness to certify the validity of documentation signings, while helping to deter fraudulent activities in the signing of important documents. The difference between a notary and an actual judicial official is that notaries are not expected to authorize any sizable amount of personal discretion. They’re merely ministerial in their duties.

A notary’s one true goal is to verify the identity of the person signing a document. They do this by identifying the person, usually, through a driver’s license or passport, verify that there is no duress or intimidation dictating the signing, and learn of the contents of what is being signed to understand the ramifications of what is being done in front of them and what exactly they’re verifying. They want to make sure that the signer knows what they are signing and that the signer is willingly signing it. Real estate deals and wills are two examples of types of documents that usually require a notarization to verify their signings.

A key factor in a notary deterring fraud is the impartiality of a notary. They are required to not act in situations in which they have a personal interest. If a notary took part in cases where they did have that personal interest, it would undermine the public’s trust. Many states require a notary to purchase a surety bond prior to becoming a notary public within that state. A notary bond allows an individual to notarize the truth of an event, and protection for the public. Learn more about the duties of a notary.

So where can you instantly purchase a notary surety bond?

Colonial offers the direct and digital way to obtain a notary bond. We are the insurance company — which means no agent, no broker, and no middleman. The steps are easy — get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Your bond will be ready for print instantly. It’s that simple!

A notary bond is reasonably priced and easy to obtain. You may notice that with other insurance agents and middlemen, your premium rate will fluctuate and include additional hidden fees and costs. Colonial offers our lowest possible rate. Premium is based on the amount of the bond required by the state requiring the bond.

It is important to understand how surety bonds work, and who is the insurance company issuing your bonds. It is easy to obtain a notary bond when you deal directly with a quality insurance company licensed to write surety bonds. Colonial is an A (Excellent) rated insurance company by A.M. Best that has been incorporated since 1930. We are Treasury listed, and licensed and admitted in all U.S. states and territories.