Surety Bonds

What is an Airport Security Bond?


You’re clear! If you’re thinking of moving your business inside a bustling airport, there are numerous protocols you must be aware of. One of these protocols include acquiring an Airport Security Bond, or an Airport Customs Security Area Bond. Required by U.S. Customs, Department of Homeland Security, and Border Protection, any person or company that operates with or within access to an airport’s security area in order to be compliant with federal regulations. With an Airport Security Bond, contractors or businesses must guarantee their employees will obey federal regulations and enter secured areas with proper identification badges at all times. If an employee fails to do so, they will be subjected to substantial fines. These secured areas include, but are not limited to, areas where passengers leave an aircraft, areas for handling international passengers and their baggage, and areas elected by the port director.

What Type of Businesses Need an Airport Security Bond?

Businesses that require an Airport Security Bond can include coffee shops, independent retail stores, restaurants, and vending machine operators. Congruently, an Airport Security Bond is needed for establishments that offer custodial, janitorial, engineering, general contractor, subcontractor, housekeeping, or other services inside an airport’s security domain.

Obtain an Airport Security Bond Online

Colonial Surety offers a quick and easy way to secure your Airport Security Bond. With no brokers or agents, we offer a simple digital solution to help you receive your bond instantly. Visit our website to receive your quote online, enter in your information and payment method, and print out your bond from your office or home.

Colonial Surety is Treasury Listed, A-rated insurance company. We are licensed and admitted in all U.S. states and territories. Contact us to learn more about airport security bonds and our other I-bonds®.