Fidelity Bonds

What Protection Can Janitorial Bonds Provide for Cleaning Companies?


When you operate your very own cleaning service, your hard-working employees likely have unsupervised access to private offices and residences. Though you may put significant trust in your workers, there is still opportunity for them to commit theft. With a Janitorial and Home Service bond, you will be safeguarding your loyal customers from any losses incurred from employee robbery. These fraudulent acts include, but are not limited to, employee theft of securities, money, and any other property of the employer.

If you are a maid, housekeeper, or residential cleaning business, it is vital you obtain this fidelity bond. As a business owner, the bond will help preserve your company’s image and reputation as trustworthy and responsible to your loyal clienteles. Customers will not hesitate to do business with you on account of your commitment to upholding an ethical and reliable standard. Being bonded will give clients peace of mind as they have selected a dependable cleaning business for their cleaning needs.

How Much Does This Bond Cost?

Colonial Surety offers our lowest possible rate for Janitorial and Home Service bond. With other insurance middlemen and agents, you will notice your premium fluctuating, with hidden costs and fees sprinkled in to your final cost. With Colonial Surety, we are upfront about your bond price. Our I-bonds® are reasonably priced and our premium is based on the amount of personnel you want to cover, as well as the amount of potential loss coverage you would like to receive.

Fast and Affordable Fidelity Bonds

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