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What’s Not Being Built In Texas?


Nothing! As in building opportunities seem to be literally everywhere, with no sign of stopping. Highway expansions, speedy train lines, housing—you name it, it’s cropping up. Amazingly, new building projects are cropping up everywhere—not just in Houston and Dallas. Consider this, for example: Frisco, outside of Dallas, was the fastest growing city in the country from 2010-2020.

Building Big and Fast

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) offers many examples of the building action around Texas. In Dallas, intersections and overpasses are getting upgrades, and extensions of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit light-rail line are being built. Outside of Dallas, a suburb no more, Frisco has popped up 25-story buildings, such as a new headquarters for the Dallas Cowboys. Not to be outdone, Austin’s gearing up for a Tesla Cybertruck and battery plant—and a new fulfillment center for Amazon. No wonder highways are being expanded there! Speaking of infrastructure improvement, over in Harris County, which includes Houston, there are over 65 projects related to flood control in the wake of Hurricane Harvey underway.

Speed, is of course high on the radar too. Construction on the $16 billion high speed railway connecting Dallas and Houston is expected to begin by 2022. As ENR has reported, the speed rail will be based on Central Japan Railway’s Tokaido Shinkansen system. And enable 90 minute trips between Houston and Dallas, It is anticipated that over 400,000 passengers will use the line daily, reducing car travel and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 101,000 tons annually.

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The Lone Star’s Not Alone

Of course Texas is not the only state where the action’s building. Illinois has signed a $45 billion capital plan, allocating funds for roads, bridges, universities, and other state facilities over the next six years. Is there any city in the country not getting a new waterfront park? There’s a rising demand for life sciences buildings everywhere as well. Speedy train lines? More, please! Sounds like it’s time to moving with a boost from Colonial Surety. Scoot along today: The Partnership Account®

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