Court Bonds

Winning A Civil Court Case: What Happens Next?


It’s finally over! You’ve won a favorable judgment in your civil court case. Now the other side plans to appeal. Big delays loom.  How could a supersedeas bond help?

Be Proactive

If there is a successful appeal, the case will be reviewed by an appellate court to determine if the law was correctly applied. Each state has its own appeals court system. A lawyer who specializes in appellate law will best be able to assist you in preparing for and navigating this process. As described by the  American Bar Association, appellate lawyers specialize in:

Legal issues and how to convince the court that their side should prevail as a matter of law. This type of approach typically requires significant research and understanding of both substantive legal principles and the legal process, combined with a winnowing of the facts to those critical to the legal analysis.

Move Quickly

Timing rules vary by state. In Georgia, for example, Kasttorf Law suggests:

When the other side appeals to your favorable trial court judgment, it is often in your interest to seek a bond pending appeal. It makes recovery easier post-judgment, can allow quicker enforcement, and may even deter an appeal in some close cases.

These supersedeas bonds, also known as appeals bonds, are payments the court can require of the appellant (the person making the appeal). Colonial Surety Company provides more information here.

Essentially, the bonds protect the winning party in the original judgment—setting aside funds in at least the amount of that judgment until the appeal concludes. The bonds can be for higher amounts, including costs and interest associated with the appeals process—and, even damages if the appeal ultimately is determined to be frivolous.

Who Can Issue a Supersedeas Bond?

When a court requires a supersedeas or appeal bond, Colonial Surety Company is the easy choice!

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