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Winning: The Formula



Now one of the largest structural concrete providers in the Mid-Atlantic region, Miller & Long was started by two high school buddies with little more then a Ford pick-up truck. In celebration of 75 years in business, the company is sharing its success story.


Starting In the Gutters

On the path to making billions, Miller & Long, started in 1947 as a small operation that poured concrete for gutters, curbs and driveways—a far cry from many of the big projects it takes on today as a structural concrete provider. The company’s new website, features over 20 of it’s biggest projects, “many of which form the modern skylines of the greater Washington D.C. area.” Today’s leadership sums up the formula for success at Miller & Long this way: “We get every project done — and done right — no matter the size or complexity. We constantly innovate and adjust operations to meet our customers’ needs. By introducing enhanced services such as shotcrete, sustainable mix designs, 3D modeling, and expanded BIM capabilities, we ensure our value as a partner of choice.” Among the innovations Miller & Long are most proud of is their work pioneering the use of electric-powered climber cranes and tall-tracked tower cranes. As it marks 75 years of building—a diamond anniversary—the company has now poured over 20 million cubic yards of concrete. While innovation is important, CEO Brett McMahon also points out: “We are proud of our history, accomplishments, and our team’s unwavering commitment to safety and customer service that have paved the way for decades of success….”


Inspired Partnership

The story of Miller & Long is also the story of how enduring friendship, trust and hard work can pave the path to success. As the story goes:


During summer vacations while in high school and college, lifelong friends Jack Miller and Jimmy Long worked for the same construction company, learning every aspect of the business in jobs ranging from laborer and carpenter helper to timekeeper and engineer. After active military service in World War II…Jack and Jimmy…decided to start a business of their own. With borrowed capital and a new Ford truck, a $50 investment in tools, and encouragement from their wives, Miller & Long…opened for business [in]1947. The early years challenged the partners to be flexible and innovative, working in the field by day and on bookkeeping, payroll, and estimating at night in the basements of their homes. At first, the business grew slowly but steadily. Miller & Long built a reputation for fair dealing with customers and delivering quality services on consistent and reliable schedules with no work stoppages.


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