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Your Own Biz? Mortgage Broker!


Homebuyers hear about mortgage brokers from their friends. That’s why great mortgage brokers have big client lists—and relationships with lenders to meet their needs. With competition for housing stiff, buyers need their mortgages fast. Can you do it?

First Steps: Licensing

Mortgage brokers have a big responsibility—that’s why the process of getting licensed is regulated by the government. Top of Mind shares this advice:

To get started, first know that a mortgage brokers license is state-issued. This means that the process can and will vary from one state to another. Each state will have a governmental agency charged with overseeing or managing the process. As an example, in New York State, its the Department of Financial Services.

 You would start by completing and submitting an application for review and hopeful approval. Again, using NY State as an example, an approved applicant would then need to submit a surety bond and proof of a line of credit. There would also be a conferral meeting, after which, if all requirements have been met, such as background searches, a credit report, fingerprinting, etc., a license certificate would then be issued.

 Expedite your first steps toward licensure in New York State—and across the country with an instant, digital Mortgage Broker’s License Bond from Colonial Surety Company. You can even obtain your Mortgage Brokers License Bond today! Just get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. It’s that simple.

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Running Your Business

With housing demand high, buyers need to move fast. Unless they have cash (!), they need speedy mortgages That’s where you come in:

Youre a broker now, which means youre a middleman. You need clients, and just as importantly, you need lenders. 

 There are many possibilities – from lenders that often have the best rates to mortgage lenders with the lowest closing costs to lenders that might be a little more flexible on the lowest acceptable credit scores, the best loan programs, etc. Just be careful not to get so diversified that you lose control and familiarity with each lender and their programs.

 The whole idea of being a broker is to offer choices to your clients and prospects….. Whether its pricing, underwriting, restrictions on marketing to your own clients, or the mix of available loan products, not every lender is going to best suit your needs and those of your clients.

  Ready, Set, Go?

At Colonial, it’s so easy and affordable to get your Mortgage Broker’s License Bond that you can even do it today. Let’s get you going!

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