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Cancer Care Data Breach Involves 55k Patients


Cancer Care Group, one of the largest privately-owned radiation oncology programs in the United States, has suffered from a serious data breach that swiped patient names and addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, insurance information, medical record numbers, and potentially even clinical treatment data.

Cancer Care have alerted their patients, who could now be the targets of identity theft or banking fraud. Unfortunately, several healthcare organizations lack proper preparedness for data breaches. A recent survey by BridgeHead Software uncovered that only one-quarter of healthcare groups had hefty disaster relief strategies in place for patients and their valuable data.

“Cancer Care Group has taken a number of steps to help keep this from happening in the future,” reassured spokesman Clyde Lee. “Cancer Care Group is encrypting all mobile media, updating policies and procedures, upgrading data storage technology, and re-educating our workforce on safety with mobile media.”

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