License & Permit Bonds

Arkansas Notary Public Bonds


Notaries public for the State of Arkansas are recorded and certified by the Business and Commercial (UCC) Services Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State. Notaries in Arkansas are to act as official and unbiased witnesses to the identity a person who performs an action before the notary. The notary is tasked with ensuring that the person appearing before them is the person they claim to be. Remote or electronic appearances before the notary in Arkansas are not required.

In order to become a notary public in Arkansas, you must obtain a $7,500 notary surety bond. If you are renewing a notary commission, you must obtain a new notary bond for the dates of the new commission.

Notaries are able to purchase a surety bond from a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Arkansas.

So where can you instantly purchase an Arkansas notary surety bond?

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