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Atlanta Expected to Approve Home Alcohol Delivery


A novel bill from the Atlanta City Council Public Safety Panel will permit neighborhood stores and wineries to deliver alcoholic beverages to patron homes. The Governor of Atlanta, Brian Kemp, has supposedly set the stage for this bill by signing a bill earlier in the year that lets localities set their own rules for wine, beer, and spirits to customers who are over 18 years of age.

Under House Bill 879, wine and beer cannot be simply left on the front porch of a customer’s home like other deliveries can. The delivery person must verify the identification of the individual receiving the delivery to confirm the buyer is indeed of age to purchase the alcoholic beverages. The Department of Revenue will be creating new regulations for home delivery before stores can utilize the upcoming law. It is expected that the actual law will take up to several months before businesses can begin home deliveries. Still, it is a good idea for Atlanta businesses to start preparing for the transition in the coming months.

The new law comes in response to more and more Georgians requesting their purchases be delivered directly to their homes, as the current pandemic has made myriad businesses adjust to social distancing guidelines and find new ways to safely serve their customers.

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