The Bond Compliance Program for Pension Professionals


Keeping track of every plan sponsor’s ERISA fidelity bonding status can be tough. No matter how many plans you are in charge of, it is difficult to remember what is what with information the spread out among your clients.

With Colonial’s Bond Compliance Program, you can now see in one central location every one of your plan sponsor’s ERISA fidelity bonding status. Whether they are bonded or not and whether it is for the correct amount, you will have all this access in one location at your fingertips.

Easily figure out which plan sponsors need more advice or information on bonding and which need to renew. No need in worrying whether or not one of your plan sponsors forgot to respond about their bonding status. Now you will have all that information at your fingertips to make sure you do not make any errors in filing the Form 5500 and can verify all of your clients’ bonding status.

Colonial Surety Company is a Treasury Listed surety company providing Department of Labor compliant ERISA fidelity bonds. Pension Professionals can enroll in The Partnership Account® for Pension Professionals. The Partnership Account is a business arrangement between third party administrators and Colonial Surety that simplifies the ERISA bonding process. It can help increase productivity for partners while lowering costs for their plan sponsors.

Pension professionals partner with Colonial Surety to consolidate their plan sponsors’ ERISA bonds into one location and ensure they are United States Department of Labor compliant. Colonial is rated “A” Excellent by A.M. Best Company and is a long tenured member of ASPPA and NIPA.

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