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Boston’s Big Dig


You can probably remember some of the headlines—after all, it lasted from 1990-2007! Plagued by budget overruns and timing delays, the process of highway and tunnel construction to reduce vehicle congestion in Boston is something no one hopes to repeat. Experts stress that by smartly leveraging the technology now available, better planning, cost-efficiency and on time completion are more possible then ever before.


Never Again?

The scale, scope and complexity of infrastructure challenges in need of attention across the country has upped the imperative for advancing the use of technology. Industry experts observe that the integration of technology and building is essential to avoid the kinds of challenges that have impacted many previous ambitious efforts, including Boston’s Big Dig:


Congress allotted $755 million to the project, but it was estimated to have ultimately cost $15 billion in design and construction contracts. The project saw several challenges, including:

Development of 7.8 miles of highway or 161 lane miles, half of which were in tunnels.

Four major highway interchanges, several of which had to be rebuilt…Overall, the project spanned from 1990 through 2007…When finished, total vehicle hours on project highways fell by 62% and provided $168 million in savings to travelers, and the city saw a 12% reduction in carbon monoxide levels…The Big Dig is a modern example of a project that improved residents’ quality of life, but could have been implemented better. The project had considerable budget overruns, timeline delays and poor planning which resulted in costly rebuilds and materials issues. Had they had access to today’s technology for process optimization, materials sourcing, cost streamlining and capital planning, the financial impact of the Big Dig could have been far less.


Streamlining Operations

Success on the go forward  requires integrating technology into every step of the construction process. As Bart Ronan, CEO of Trux, sums up:Nothing happens in a vacuum. Even if one step in the construction process is working perfectly, it means nothing if other areas are falling behind and dragging the entire project down. Systems today can plan for this and take into account every factor of a project in order to produce an efficient plan of attack.”


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Interesting to Think About

Construction of the Interstate Highway System, which impacted the entire country, began in 1957—long before most of today’s technological possibilities existed. It was officially completed in 1992 at a total cost of $41 billion—which would be $417 billion today. Imagine how today’s technology might have been leveraged in this massive, state-to-state public work?


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