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Bound for Growth: The Franchise Drive-Thru


Chain restaurants are succeeding by investing anew in drive-thru. With this pandemic-driven trend expected to continue, consider getting in on the action.

 Convenience, Speed and Ease

Although never out of style, the pandemic has heightened consumer interest in swift, limited-contact services. Forbes is reporting that many franchises are surviving and thriving as they have focused on the ability to serve consumers through additions and improvements to drive-thru services. Topping the list is McDonald’s, whose drive-thru business has grown by over 90% during the pandemic.

Other franchises that have announced new plans for drive-thrus include KFC, Wendy’s, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Del Taco and Taco Bell. Some of these are planning for two and three lane drive-thrus, with some locations that will no longer have any dine-in options at all.

As Forbes describes:

There is buy-in across the industry that this demand for drive-thru/off-premise access will continue even after a vaccine hits the market and restrictions are lifted. During McDonald’s Investor Day…, Mason Smoot, senior vice president and chief restaurant officer, predicted customers’ desire for convenience, speed and ease will actually grow.  

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