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Bubbling Up for 2023



Although many people have been opting to drink less, alcohol sales are anticipated to continue growing. Among the trends expected to drive alcohol consumption forward in 2023 are growth in home delivery, continued interest in whiskey and blossoming interest in Sake. Ready to drink beverage options are predicted to continue rising in popularity too.


Whisky or Whiskey?

Around the world, a bottle of this plays the anchor role in many household liquor cabinets. If you are wondering about the spelling, here’s the deal, according to Grammarly: “Both spellings of the word, whiskey and whisky, are correct. The tricky part is matching the right spelling with the right country of origin. If youre talking about a drink thats been made in Scotland, Canada, or Japan, use the spelling without the e—whisky.” No matter the spelling, sales of this spirit—and lots of others—are anticipated to keep on rising. According to Linchpin Seo, “The alcoholic beverage market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 4 percent over the next six years.”


Among the trends to keep an eye on is the rise of options for purchasing alcoholic drinks online and having them home delivered. Though that idea might strike older generations as odd, industry experts note that companies like Drizly and Thirstie are going strong and there appears to be plenty of space in the market for competitors. While tech enabled alcohol delivery and the continued growth of “ready to drink” (RTD) options, including hard seltzer and malt-based cocktail variations, make it possible to drink anytime, anywhere, many consumers continue seeking out distinct tastes and it’s anticipated that sales of whisky will continue to rise in the United States and around the world—as will sales of Sake:


Whisky is already the drink of choice for many fans of alcoholic beverages all over the country. Prized for its distinct flavor that brings together some remarkably sweet notes, earthy tastes, and even hints of spice, whisky is a staple of many household liquor cabinets….In the United States…by 2023, whisky-related revenues could spill over $20 million….Sales of the spirit are also remarkably high in other corners of the globe, with India standing out as one of the more voracious consumers….


Overseas sales of rice wine went over ¥22.2 billion in 2018. That translates to just a little under $205 million….So, who are the biggest fans of sake outside of Japan? As it turns out, the folks in the United States cant get enough of it. Americans accounted for about 30 percent of sakes international sales last year. Residents of Asian nations have long known about the merits of sake, and it seems like people from other parts of the globe are wising up to them too.


Succeeding in alcohol sales of course requires staying on top of the trends and astute navigation of consumer interest. It also requires staying current on state and local bonding requirements. Generally, anyone in the business of making, distributing, serving or selling liquor must have a liquor license bond and Colonial Surety is here to help. We’re direct bond writers—so we provide our lowest possible rate direct to business owners. Our digital bonds are customized to the specifications for alcohol licensing in every market around the country. We make it so easy to obtain a liquor license bond that you can do it now. Alternatively referred to as an alcoholic retailer license bond, the steps to obtaining these bonds at Colonial are simple: get a quote online, fill out the information, and enter a payment method. Then you can simply print or even e-file your bond from anywhere. Liquor License Bond Here.


Can It?

You’re not imagining things if you have noticed canned wine inching into the market as the RTD options grow. Using data from Nielsen, Linchpin  reports “there are now 22 wine brands that offer their products in cans. As many as 386 wine options can now be sipped from a can.Wine lovers have also not shied away from the canned variants as sales figures have skyrocketed….”  If you are in the alcohol sales business, don’t neglect high-end options—and packaging. Just because canned options can be convenient, it does not mean consumers no longer want high-end products. In fact, perhaps driven by access to information on the internet, consumers are demonstrating willingness to spend on “super-premium” and “high-end premium” spirits.


Good To Know: What Exactly Is a Liquor License Bond?

Sometimes referred to as an alcoholic retailer license bond, or simply as an alcohol beverage bond, a liquor license bond is a type of surety bond and involves three parties: the obligee (the public entity requiring the bond); the principal (the person needing the bond); and the surety company that issues the bond. Essentially, when you secure a liquor license bond, you are guaranteeing that you will abide by all of the regulations applicable in your state. Failure to do so can result in a claim against your bond. In that way, liquor license bonds serve as a form of protection to the public—a commitment that your alcohol retail business is run professionally, honestly and in accordance with the law. (If you want to learn more about surety bonds, you’ll find this brief video helpful.)

Note that it is critical for a liquor license bond to be written to the specific requirements of the public obligee. As a direct writer, Colonial is prepared to meet the specific requirements of obligees across the country—and we are licensed for business in every state. There’s no need to get stuck in the middle when you are required to obtain an liquor license bond:: get it directly, right here today.


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Branching Out?

Looking to boost your earning potential as you branch into new business or career paths? Colonial Surety is here to help small businesses and self-starters in every field. Our direct, digital portfolio of 4,000 license and permit bonds makes it easy to obtain the specific, business and professional bonds required in every part of the country. From mortgage broker, to real estate agent, to motor vehicle dealer, collection agent and more—you name it, we most likely have exactly what you need: license and permit bonds here.


As a national surety bond leader, Colonial makes it quick and efficient to obtain license bonds in just a few clicks, online, anytime, from anywhere. Founded in 1930, Colonial Surety Company is a leading direct seller and writer of surety bonds and insurance products across the USA. Colonial is rated “A Excellent” by A.M. Best Company and U.S. Treasury listed. Our customers have awarded us a 4.8 TrustScore—and they especially appreciate our speedy, easy service. You will too—we promise!