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Cambridge Massachusetts Issues Revised Construction Order


On May 21st 2020, the MA Sector Specific Workplace Safety Standard for Construction Sites, the MA Safety Standards and the MA COVID-19 Checklist in Cambridge just released a modified temporary emergency construction order permitting construction work that complies solely with the new order. This order applies to all construction work on both private and public property in the city of Cambridge.

“Over the past five weeks, the city manager’s construction advisory group met and collaborated on how to bring back construction in Cambridge safely,” stated City Manager Louis DePasquale. “I want to thank the advisory group for assisting in the development of the amended emergency regulations which complement the state’s guidelines. Making sure these new guidelines reflect that the health and safety of construction workers and our residents was the top priority of the advisory group.”

The city of Cambridge launched a novel four-phased method for continuing existing construction permits that commenced on May 25, as well as signing off on applications for new building permits that will start on June 29. Along with complying with state safety guidelines, all contractors must send a COVID-19 Control Plan on permitted projects to the Inspectional Services Department or the Department of Public Works. This plan will demand a cleaning and decontamination agenda, a count of the amount of workers permitted on the work site, and the ban of non-essential personnel present on said worksite. What’s more, contractors are urged, and in some cases obligated, to carry out a site-specific risk investigation and improved COVID-19 safety procedures for more multifaceted projects.

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