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Collaboration Is Key: Building Departments



Proactively establishing relationships with the local building department is essential for running a contracting business successfully. Knowing and following the department’s standards helps to prevent delays, penalties, legal challenges and backtracking on projects. Of course, following the rules promotes safety too!


An Ounce of Prevention…

Experts at the International Code Council point out that the professionals at local building departments “Serve as the unsung heroes safeguarding our communities. Through their oversight of permitting, inspections and occupancy authorizations for construction, renovations and repairs, local building departments play a pivotal role in upholding the integrity of projects, ensuring compliance with applicable building safety codes and standards.” When contractors fall astray of local regulations, it is often due to failure to proactively communicate and collaborate with the building department. While adhering to codes has always been necessary, given the rapid pace of changing materials, techniques and technologies, it is increasingly important to leverage relationships with building department professionals and stay on top of shifts. Kevin McOsker, a leader at the International Code Council offers this encouragement:


While certain projects like minor repairs or renovations may not require specific documents, it is always prudent to seek clarification. Building departments will guide you on the permits and inspections required for your project and their respective timelines. This proactive approach helps you steer clear of potential penalties, fines or complications that could arise. Keeping accurate records of all completed work, including inspection dates and outcomes, will facilitate a smoother process and minimize the chances of disputes with the building department or clients. Additionally, your local building department will provide invaluable guidance on adhering to building codes and regulations relevant to your project. They can offer insights into permit requirements and identify instances where architects and engineers may be required before proceeding with the project. By collaborating closely with the building department, you can ensure compliance, mitigate risks and foster a successful and seamless construction process for both you and your clients.


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Expert Support

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken the time to connect with the staff at your local building department, it’s probably time to reach out again and develop relationships. As

the pros observe: “Building departments have evolved into transparent governmental agencies that prioritize providing extensive information to their communities.” Specifically, for example:


Your local building department serves as a valuable source of knowledge encompassing all aspects of building projects. Their staff typically comprises a diverse range of professionals with expertise in various areas of building and construction, including architecture, engineering and hands-on experience as former carpenters, electricians, plumbers and technicians, so their collective expertise is at your disposal….Your building department can provide you with access to permit application forms and documentation specific to your project. They can also inform you about the required permits and documentation that should be on file and available for your property to ensure compliance with regulations and code requirements. Building departments will also have information on the timeline for plan approval and guide you on how to schedule inspections. It is crucial to schedule inspections with the building department to make certain that your work aligns with code requirements. 


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