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Collaborative Effort Underway: $1.9 Billion New Jersey Bridge


Federal and state funds are coming together to replace a 110-year-old railroad bridge in New Jersey. The project is part of the estimated $24-$30 billion Gateway infrastructure initiative that is ultimately needed.

Vital Connections

The new fixed-span railroad bridge is expected to be completed in five years. Crossing New Jersey’s Hackensack River, it is important to Amtrak’s busy Northeast Corridor line. Collaboration makes the project possible. As Construction Dive reports:

The Federal Transit Administration has struck a deal with the New Jersey Transit Corp. to fund the $1.9 billion Portal North Bridge project with a $766.5 million Capital Investment Grant. The balance of the money will come from the Federal Highway Administration ($57 million), New Jersey ($811 million), and Amtrak ($251 million).

New Jersey Transit will be the primary owner of the bridge, but Amtrak will maintain it. The new bridge will be built high enough so that marine traffic will be able to pass underneath without stopping traffic, and other benefits include improved reliability and faster train speeds. 

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 Expect More

 One major project in the Gateway Initiative is the Hudson Tunnel—which was inundated by seawater during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. An estimated  $11.6 billion is needed to build a new tunnel—and repair a new one. Four hundred trains pass through the tunnel each day—and losses from shutting down even one of the two tubes for one day are estimated at $100 million!

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