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Constructing Wellness



Wellness? Bring it on! That’s what Montana State University (MSU) is doing with a $78 million commitment to a new Student Wellness Center. Replacing buildings that were damaged and destroyed in 2019s record-breaking snowfall, the new construction is designed to support the complete well-being of students on MSU’s Bozeman campus.


Transformational Space

Envisioned as the heart of student life, the Student Wellness Center has been designed by RDG Planning & Design in collaboration with Missoula-based MMW Architects. The facilities will be constructed to support both the mental and physical well-being of students. School Construction News reports:


“Crucial to student success, the wellness center will create a one-stop-shop for MSU students to find health, recreation, academic and athletic resources. This multi-functionality eliminates barriers to use, supports programming and promotes access for each student’s unique campus journey,” said RDG Architect Tom Ohle…Encompassing 150,000 square feet of new construction, the wellness center houses gymnasia and fitness spaces, outdoor programs, climbing and bouldering walls, a hybrid pool and remodeled group exercise, locker rooms and offices. University Health Partners, which provides medical, dental, counseling and health advancement services will be co-located in the facility, along with offices and labs for the Health and Human Development Department. The center is scheduled to be completed in 2023.


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Constructing for Life Sciences Too

Across the country demand for modern new life science buildings—like labs— has been spurred by the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping. For example, according to New York Construction Report, building is underway on Hofstra University’s $75 million Science and Innovation Center in Hempstead, Long Island. Meanwhile, Skanska has a $448 million contract  with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to construct a massive new public health lab in Harlem. Replacing an outdated lab further downtown, the new structure will include five lab floors, five administrative floors, an auditorium and a training lab.


As industry experts point out,  vacancy rates for existing life science buildings have been virtually zero. Retrofitting empty old buildings is often not an acceptable solution for lab facilities, because of the very particular standards involved related to chemicals—and their safe storage, ventilation and fireproofing requirements, extra power—and emergency generators too. Construction Dive reports: There’s been overwhelming demand in all markets, and markets predicted to take longer to fill are ahead of schedule, said Adam Milne, chief operating officer at BioLabs…. For example, New York City is growing into one of the premier life science hubs in the U.S., and can be as competitive as Cambridge, Massachusetts, or San Diego…New York has all the things it needs to take off as a life science cluster, such as academic institutions, medical centers and access to venture dollars.


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