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Massachusetts Construction and Manufacturing Businesses Reopen Monday


Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts has unveiled his reopening plan, allowing construction and manufacturing industries, along with places of worship, to open on May 18 as long as these businesses comply with mandatory social-distancing guidelines. Employers can finally open their doors and resume business while meeting the state’s safety requirements designed to safeguard workers and slow the spread of COVID-19.

Per the Governor’s guidelines, all employers in every industry must submit a COVID-19 control plan as a part of a self-certification process, detailing how their establishment will comply with the state’s safety standards. In the construction province, state officials are imposing a zero tolerance policy for sick employees showing up for work. In addition, employees must self-certify they are health before starting a shift, including displaying no signs of a fever or having a temperature above 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, having trouble breathing within the last 24 hours, having a cough, or coming in close contact with those diagnosed with the coronavirus. More safety guidelines from the Governor include:

  • No handshakes allowed at the jobsite.
  • Hand-washing stations must be present and easily accessible.
  • Surfaces must be cleaned regularly with all meeting areas and common areas disinfected at least once, if not twice, a day.
  • Employees must work six feet apart under a “no congregation” policy.
  • All workers must wear gloves while at the jobsite.
  • All workers should drive to the work site or parking area in a single occupant vehicle.
  • Large gatherings like break areas will be reduced in size and with seating limited to maintain social distancing.
  • If a worker becomes infected with the virus, the contractor must have the individual leave the worksite and ask them to contact their health care provider. The contractor must then collaborate with the local board of health to recognize any other persons, places, and equipment that was potentially exposed to the virus and properly sanitize the worksite.

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