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Construction as a Spectator Sport: Tesla In Texas



Tesla started building a $1.1 billion production facility on 2,000 acres outside Austin Texas in summer 2020. Elon Musk has said that vehicles will be rolling out by summer 2021! What’s next?

Speed Please

The new plant will be used to build Tesla’s new cybertrucks and produce electric batteries, with rumors flying about what else Elon Musk might develop in the Austin area. As reported in Austin American-Statesman:

 Construction of the planned Tesla factory in southeastern Travis County has been proceeding so fast that watching it take shape is practically a spectator sport.

 Musk — himself an energetic, if cryptic, Twitter user — appears to have taken a liking to the region, meaning more surprises could be brewing.

 Cropping Up: The Urge To Build

Seems like Austin, like Elon Musk, enjoys speed, with a hopping housing market and a “keeping it weird” mantra that has beckoned a diversity of entrepreneurs and innovators.

A new arena, lots of people, and more businesses are popping up all around Austin. As Construction Dive reports:

A friendly business environment and low taxes paved the way for approximately 30 new business relocations in 2020 alone, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the steel supplier that Tesla plans to use for the manufacturing of its Cybertruck is also building a new $1.7 billion plant in Sinton, Texas, about 180 miles away.

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 By The Way: What Is a Cybertruck?

In exchange for tax incentives, Tesla pledged to ultimately employee at least 5,000 people at the new facility:

The factory… will be the launching point for Tesla’s electric pickup — which it is calling the

Cybertruck because of the vehicle’s unconventional, sci-fi appearance.

 Tesla also has said the plant will serve demand in the eastern and central portions of the country for its Model 3 compact sedan and for its recently introduced Model Y compact sport utility vehicle. In addition, it will produce Tesla’s planned commercial semi-truck for long-haul shipping.

 Of the steel, glass and other materials used to build  of the Cybertruck’s, Tesla says:

 If there was something better, we’d use it.

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