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Constructions Begun: Perseverance In Boston


 A $31.1 million road construction project is underway in Boston! Delayed for decades, it will now incorporate the latest approaches to pedestrian and bike-friendly roads.

Wide Sidewalks, Bike Lanes and a Roadway Revamp Too

Scheduled for completion in 2023, the biggest road construction project in the Boston region in over a generation is underway, It is expected to address congestion while creating a more pedestrian friendly environment. As reported by ENR:

 Decades in the making, the Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation project will overhaul the 1.7-mile long Newton/Needham Corridor, a major commercial and retail artery just outside of Boston that is packed with both businesses and traffic, with an average daily vehicle count of 28,000.

 One of the key features of the roadway revamp are plans for a wide sidewalk with space for pedestrians alongside a raised bike lane for cyclists. All told, the new sidewalk will be more than 11

 wide, divided between a 5 ½-ft-wide bike lane and a 5 ½-ft space for pedestrians.

 Cantilevered sidewalks will also be added onto the stone bridge over the Charles, which dates to 1875, for use by both cyclists and pedestrians.

 Winning Contractors Getting To Work

The primary contractor for the project is P.Gioiso & Sons. Paving work will be done by D&R General Contracting, Inc. and the Don Martin Corp.

Project plans have been in discussion in the region since the 1990s! Ultimately, a coordinated effort by local officials made revamping the Newton/Needham Corridor a priority for public funding.

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