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Crafting Business: Suds?  


As you research your next entrepreneurial endeavor, don’t forget to put a trip to Seattle on your must do list. The collaborative and creative craft brew scene there will give you all the education you need to get the suds flowing wherever you are bound to open your place.

70 Breweries!

Depending on where you live and do business, it’s quite likely that the city of Seattle has more beer breweries then your entire state does: 70!  Aficionados of the craft scene attribute part of the success to collaboration among brewers—especially in the face of supply shortages. Of course it also helps that it’s possible to walk and bike between many of them, and the street food scene is hopping too. The New York Times offers this taste of the action:

There’s always something new to try and someplace new to go as breweries continue to take root in this thirsty city, sometimes in the unlikeliest of places. Ersatz biergartens have sprung up in parking lots as the pandemic forces breweries to become creative about how to gather people safely.

 Exhibit A lies about three miles north of downtown Seattle’s high-rises, where a patch of gray industrial land has become a popular brewery district in only a few years. Eleven breweries with taphouses occupy the roughly six-block square of what’s now called the Ballard Brewery District….But even this list doesn’t fully capture the sudsy momentum. Cast your eyes a few more blocks in any direction, and the number of breweries-with-taprooms swells. Cloudburst Brewing has added a satellite taproom to its nearby brewery about one mile west of here. A bit farther to the south sits Holy Mountain Brewing, one of the best microbrewers in the nation. A beer lover could wander for days. Best of all, almost everything is so close that the thirsty and curious can explore on foot, or on one of Seattle’s ubiquitous shared scooters or city bicycles.

Do It Yourself: Own Your Own?

With interest in craft beers showing no sign of stopping, what’s stopping you? Alcohol is of course a regulated industry, so if you plan to manufacture, brew, distill warehouse, or sell alcohol, you’ll need to be licensed. Generally, a pre-requisite to licensure is securing a surety bond. Essentially, surety bonds guarantee that your business will comply with all applicable government rules and regulations. Colonial Surety Company makes obtaining bonds  easy, affordable, and instant—anywhere in the country. Colonial offers our lowest possible rate, direct to small businesses. Get your bond today and get your new adventures underway. Just click HERE for Colonial’s complete bond portfolio, including: Alcohol Sales Tax Bonds, Alcoholic Beverage Transportation Permits, Alcoholic Retailer Bonds, Alcoholic Wholesalers Bonds—and, of course Alcohol Manufacturing, Brewers, Distillers and Warehouses Bonds.

 Nice To Know

 In Seattle, brewers have found that the more entrepreneurs that concentrate effort in one neighborhood—the better. As one says: “Rising suds lifts all boats…”  The New York Times points out that in Seattle: Craft brewing is a collegial industry. These days in the neighborhood it’s not unusual to see a forklift driving down the street, as one brewer drops off grain to a colleague who has come up short. The 11 breweries in the immediate district have collaborated on everything from a beer festival to unified pandemic safety protocols.

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