License & Permit Bonds

Dog Walkers Back in Demand


With so many people going back to work, dog walkers are back in demand! If you are a dog walker, your state may require a dog walker license bond.

Dog walking is becoming much more popular as a way of earning money, staying fit, and doing what you love! Here are the simple steps to get started as a dog walker.

  1. Conduct research:

Is there a demand for dog walkers in your area? Is there a lot of dog walking companies you will be competing with nearby? These are questions you should contemplate before constructing your dog-walking businesses.

  1. Improve Your Skills

As a dog-walking newbie, you must acquire the experience and skill of maintaining control of the dogs you’ll be walking. It helps to volunteer at a local shelter or even take a dog training course to help you learn new techniques and get exposure to walking a multitude of different types of dogs.

  1. Examine Legal Factors

It is tempting to skip legalities, but that is the last thing you want to do! Essential items securing your license, and complying with local regulations and rules for dog-walking can make or break your success.

For a complete guide to getting into the dog walking business, click here.

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