License & Permit Bonds

Reopening Your Business Following COVID-19


Chances are, the coronavirus pandemic has transformed how you conduct your business. With restaurant adjusting to curbside pickup and delivery and retailers shifting their sales online, each business must come up with an adept plan to thrive in the new normal. To help you operate safely and smartly in today’s fluctuating environment, we’ve listed a few strategies below.

Ensure Customer and Employee Safety. When reopening your business, it can be easy to forget safety rules as employees and customers are rushing and bustling inside and outside your establishment. That’s why it’s important to brief yourself on all local and state safety requirements related resuming business operations, including social distancing rules and occupancy restrictions.

Create On-site Vendor Policies. As vendors move from business to business, they can be a possible source of exposure to the virus. To minimize risk, create formal procedures on how to handle upcoming deliveries. What’s more, designate an entrance and exit area that vendors can quickly move in and out of–while maintaining social distancing requirements. Consider reducing who comes in contact with said vendors to reduce possible spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Reopen with Caution. As your business ramps up again, it is vital frequently disinfect countertops and have cleaning stations for employees to utilize throughout the day. This will help customers and workers feel safe as they slowly reoccupy your establishment.

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