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Estate Planning: Proceed!


Legal experts address the fears that hold many families back from putting estate plans in place, providing encouragement and information to help jump-start the effort. Remember, almost everyone has an estate and thoughtful planning, even with modest means, can make a real difference to those we care about.


Irrational Fears and Preconceived Notions

Estate planning experts have observed that one reason people hold back from estate planning is fear that doing so will somehow hasten death. Others are hesitant to secure an attorney, sometimes because they are worried about the costs. These are the kinds of beliefs that can ultimately result in leaving our affairs in disarray and our loved one with excessive stress. Attorney and author Leigh Hilton describes, common fears she helps prospective clients overcome this way:


Fear that they will pass away sooner — An irrational fear that if they admit their own mortality and put together a will or trust, they’re somehow more likely to pass away. As a result, they resist sitting down with a qualified attorney, even though they know having a plan in place is the right thing to do.


They will be nickeled and dimed — They genuinely believe they will be charged for every phone call to their attorney, every meeting they schedule, and every question they have.


Most estate lawyers offer free consultations as well as set pricing plans or tiers, based on your means and estate planning needs. Having qualified help with your estate plan can make all the difference, as Leigh Hilton explains:


Estate planning is more than just creating documents. It also involves understanding the big picture and how legal documents will work with your assets when they are needed.


Everyone should have a will and/or trust. Many people believe that if there is no will, all the decedents assets will simply be distributed to the surviving spouse. This is not always the case. If you do not create a valid will, state law dictates where your assets go and who will administer your estate.


Estate Bonds Explained

An estate bond is sometimes also referred to as a probate bond, administrator bond, personal representative bond, or executor bond. These are all types of fiduciary bonds which can be required during the probate process.. Essentially, an estate bond protects the interests of the estate and its beneficiaries in accordance with state law. The requirements of this bond may vary by state and county where the descendant lived at the time of death. No matter where live,


Colonial Surety is here to make it easy for you to obtain an estate bond—or any fiduciary bond efficiently and quickly. We are licensed and admitted in all US states and territories. Using our digital platform, you can easily obtain an estate bond in just a few clicks, from anywhere, at any time. No broker needed.

At Colonial, the steps to getting an estate bond are easy: get a quote online, fill out the information and enter a payment method. Once approved, you can print or e-file your bond from anywhere—even the court or law office. Obtain an Estate Bond Here.


Good To Know

What exactly is an estate? As explained by Investopedia: An estate refers to everything of value that an individual owns—real estate, art collections, antique items, investments, insurance, and any other assets and entitlements—and is also used as an overarching way to refer to a person’s net worth. Legally, a person’s estate refers to an individual’s total assets, minus any liabilities.


Estate Law? Youre Invited…

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