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Five Construction Trends for 2023



Headed into 2023, increased hiring of women, new construction materials, green building, modular and prefabricated building and all things tech are making it to the top of the to do list—especially for builders intent on succeeding against labor shortages, material shortages and supply chain challenges.


Here Comes The Future

Sometimes tactics labeled as trends are really just fads or clever ways to talk about the same old thing. But when it comes to forecasting trends in construction, the overarching sense seems to be, yes, new approaches are taking root. Perhaps driven in part by  painful labor shortages, the need for easy access to useful data, mounting signs of evironmental damage and increased pressure to bring projects in on time and on budget, contractors are ushering in new ways of work, new materials for building—and new workers too. Here are five trends Revolutionized predicts will be increasingly felt throughout the construction sector.


  1. Women At Work

While there is no speedy answer to the labor shortage, efforts to attract women into construction over the past decade are getting results: there’s been an increase of over 50% more women in construction jobs over the past ten years. With many contractors offering ever better pay and benefits, the upward tick of women on the job is expected to continue.


  1. New Materials

Disruptions and price increases impacting the availability of traditional building materials, as well as the demand for sustainability, is resulting in shifts to new possibilities. Different materials are coming into play from many sources: the recycling of construction and demolition waste is being used to make engineered wood or aggregate; harvesting bamboo turns out to be much faster and more sustainable then timber; and the list goes on.


  1. Modular and Prefabricated Building

As Revolutionized reminds us: “Modular construction happens when most of the structure gets built offsite before being transferred to the final destination. Prefabrication is similar and involves making or assembling certain components elsewhere and attaching them to the building later. Together, these options target much of the waste and transportation-related emissions typically associated with construction. They also often allow the building process to proceed more efficiently, with fewer errors or budgetary overruns.” 


  1. Green Building

Though there is no one way to reach the goal of a “net-zero emissions status” by 2050, builders are trying many ways to make it happen—from increased use of solar panels on buildings, to better recycling and more: “Some options are unconventional but exciting. For example, research is underway to use the mycelium fungus to make natural bricks. It will take time for such possibilities to become mainstream. However, they give hope for the future.”


  1. All Things Tech

From the use of drones to monitor for safety risks or take measurements, to the possibilities of 3D Printing, robots and the Internet of Things (IoT), to the use of better and better software by more and more workers across the life of building projects, industry experts are excited about how the continued use of new technology will make more possible. Indeed, a whole new era of contech is in the forecast.


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