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Frequently Heard: Call The Exterminator!



If you are personable, flexible with your schedule—and can work in small spaces, don’t overlook employment as an exterminator. With an unemployment rate under 1%, exterminators are always needed.

A Necessary Profession: Pest Control

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 8.5 percent employment growth for exterminators this decade. In that period, an estimated 7,500 jobs should open up.

A career path for exterminators in a large company might look like: beginning as a termite technician, moving up to pest technician service manager, then branch manger and eventually becoming regional manager. College degrees are not required. Many exterminators take an entrepreneurial approach and run their own contract businesses.

According to U.S News & World Report, exterminator jobs have a median salary of $37,000, an unemployment rate under 1% and rank among:

  • the best jobs without a college degree (13th to be exact)
  • the best “maintenance and repair jobs ( 3rd in this category)
  • the 100 best jobs overall (80th in this category)

Get To Work: Don’t Forget Your Exterminators License Bond

As you head into the pest control business, note that most states have licensing requirements for exterminators. Frequently, obtaining an exterminators license bond is one of the prerequisites for becoming licensed.

What’s an exterminator’s license bond? Sometimes referred to as a pest control bond, an exterminator’s license bond is a type of surety bond. Essentially, this bond serves as a guarantee to the public that you are prepared to carry out your responsibilities in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. License Bonds can be easily, affordably and instantly obtained from Colonial Surety Company, a leading, direct, national provider of surety bonds. With other 4,000 license and permit bonds available from our self-service online platform, Colonial proudly helps a diversity of professionals obtain the bonds they need to get to work.


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What Exactly Does an Exterminator Do?

 Exterminators need great people skills for working with a diversity of customers in their homes and offices. Because pest control commonly requires follow-up, exterminators may frequently end an appointment with those famous “last words”: I’ll be back! U.S News & World Report offers this bird’s eye view of work as an exterminator:

 These professionals, who are charged with removing unwanted critters from homes and other buildings, must know the biology of a wide range of pests, from termites to birds, and identify the best ways to eliminate or remove them.

 Exterminators inspect buildings, take measurements, estimate the cost of their services and use chemicals and barriers to ensure pests don’t return. There are different kinds of exterminators, including fumigators, who seal off buildings and employ gases to suffocate or poison pests, and termite control technicians, who work to rid a building’s structure of insects. Exterminators must wear protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, while doing their work.

Colonial Surety Company, a national surety bond expert, proudly provides exterminators across the country with direct, fast and affordable exterminator license bonds (aka pest control bonds). In fact, with a portfolio of over 4,000 license and permit bonds, Colonial is here to help contractors and professionals across many different fields and industries obtain the bonds they need to get to work.

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