Great Expectations: Clients!


Great Expectations: Clients!

Necessity resulted in businesses of all kinds making rapid changes to the customer experience during the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, there’s no going back: expectations for ease, speed and 24/7 access are high, and businesses of all kinds continue shifting to meet the demand.


Consulting, Serving, Advising…


Questions asked and promptly? Providing advice via text? Getting a live voice on demand? Yes,Yes,Yes! That’s how consultants, dogwalkers, brokers, software developers, and, well, every business is winning clients and building loyalty these days. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce confirms that expectations have risen—a lot: “As the COVID-19 crisis first unfolded in the U.S. in early 2020, many businesses modified how they interact with customers. The changes were easy to notice…But as time passes, it’s clear that some of those changes will stick around…because customers themselves have changed. A report from Talkdesk…shows that the majority of consumers have higher customer service expectations today than before the pandemic; they expect fast and accessible interactions….” Across the country, new norms for what constitutes good professional service include:



  • 24/7/365: Schedules and routines have changed so much. That’s why clients want what they want, when they want it—or they will go elsewhere. Digital connection makes consistent access possible—and increasingly expected.



  • Text Support: In line with the demand for service and connection at all times, customers expect to be able to text a live agent, in real time, when assistance is needed to complete transactions.



  • More Empathy: While always important in sales, now, more then ever, customers want to feel valued. Businesses are taking the time to provide “step by step” support, tuning in to how clients are doing, and finding new ways to make customers feel they are part of a family—which increases loyalty.



Failure to Meet Expectations


Everyone in the business of providing service and advice to clients (really—who isn’t?), runs the inherent risk of failing to meet expectations. Rising customer expectations increase the threat of lawsuits. Errors or omissions? Negligence? Missed deadline? Misinterpreted text? Even defense against an allegation is costly—and can even be ruinous, especially to small businesses that are without the kinds of protections commonly in place at larger ones. Running your business doesn’t mean you have to shoulder the risks alone: Colonial Surety makes it easy for professionals to protect themselves with Affordable Professional Liability Insurance.


Armed with this protection, if you’re ever sued for negligence because mistakes were made or your work didn’t meet client expectations, Colonial will cover legal defense expenses, as well as, the cost of settlements and judgments. For added value, with your first purchase of insurance from Colonial Surety, we include $50,000 of Cyber Liability Insurance to further protect your business. Specifically, in the event of a cyber breach you’ll have defense against related lawsuits and regulatory actions, plus expert-led response, notification and crisis management services to prevent an incident from spiraling into a disaster.Don’t let a mistake or misunderstanding ruin your business or wipe out your savings. Obtain Professional Liability with Cyber insurance from Colonial in minutes, now. Just:


  • Get your quote online anytime, from anywhere;
  • Enter your information and payment method; and,
  • E-file or print out your coverage certificate.


Professional Liability Insurance–with Cyber–Right HERE.


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