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Green Infrastructure for The Bronx?


Although there is still a final hurdle to clear, involving the purchase of land, there’s growing optimism that one of New York City’s most ambitious green infrastructure efforts is poised for take-off. The project? Daylighting the long-buried Tibbetts Brook in the Bronx, in an effort to reduce the City’s flooding problems.


Daylighting Tibbetts Brook: $130 Million

To allow for the development of marshland back in 1912, Tibbetts Brook was diverted, buried, and left to run into sewer pipes below the Bronx. The brook still runs, pumping freshwater into the outdated sewage system, and contributing to overflows. Notably, for example, when Hurricane Ida hit this fall, Tibbetts Brook had nowhere to flow—so it ended up flooding onto the Major Deegan Expressway, where dozens of vehicles became trapped. Now, as The New York Times reports:


The city plans to unearth the brook — an engineering feat known as daylighting” — at a cost of more than $130 million, because burying it in the sewer system has worsened the citys flooding problems as a warming planet experiences more frequent and intense storms…The plan to daylight Tibbetts Brook would be one of the citys most ambitious green infrastructure projects. The brook would be rerouted above ground for one mile — including along a former railroad line that would be turned into a new greenway — before being sent back underground for a half mile in a new dedicated pipe to the Harlem River…Taking the brook out of the sewer system would reduce combined sewer overflows in the Harlem River by 25 percent, or by 220 million gallons annually, according to the city…The project would also include making improvements to the pond in Van Cortlandt Park and building new walking and biking trails in an underused park section that would connect to the new greenway on the old railroad line.


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Investing In Water Infrastructure

Across the country, and around the world, cities are figuring out how restoring buried waterways can contribute to the challenges of failing infrastructure and climate change. Experts, such as Jenny Hoffner of American Rivers explain: restored waterways serve as a kind of “natural infrastructure” in cities…bringing benefits such as reducing sewer overflows, saving energy and money at wastewater plants that unnecessarily treat clean water, creating more green space and improving quality of life in neighborhoods. With so many water projects in need of attention around the country, the federal infrastructure investment in clean drinking water and restoration of heavily polluted areas, like the Great Lakes region, is critical. As the Pacific Institute sums up: the bill includes investments in some nature-based solutions, including ecosystem restoration, as well as water efficiency, water reuse, flood and drought programs, dam safety, and rural communities. In this way, we see a shift away from the 20th-century primary focus on building major dams and water diversions toward a more comprehensive and integrated approach.


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