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Gutters: A Steady Flow of Business


Weather forecast: wet! Uh-oh, how are the gutters? An always necessary home maintenance issue, gutters offer contractors a steady flow of business.

A Seamless Business: Delivered On-Demand

Homes need gutters—and gutters need to be installed as well as routinely checked, cleared and repaired.  With so many people on the move right now—and so many homes being renovated and built, work is strong in the gutter business.

Market researchers at Freedonia Group have predicted:

 Demand for gutter and downspout products is forecast to reach $6.0 billion in 2022….

Gutter suppliers and contractors can make themselves more competitive by:

 expanding their product lines to include new colors and styles

  • promoting value added products, such as gutter guards, rain harvesting equipment, and rain chains and other decorative items

 Starting Up: RememberYour Gutter Contractors License Bond

 Entrepreneur estimates start-up costs for a seamless gutter installation business to be about $10,000-$50,000, reporting:

 Seamless rain gutters are quickly becoming the leaves troughing of choice for most contractors, architects, and homeowners simply because it’s inexpensive, quick to install, and available in a wide range of designer colors.


As a way to increase the average selling price, many gutter contractors also quote to install aluminum fascia and soffit while on the job site. Promote the products and services by way of traditional print advertising and by establishing alliances with new home contractors, renovation companies, and siding roofing contractors. Many gutter installation contractors work exclusively on a subcontract basis for the above-mentioned companies.

 While you are gearing up, make sure you have a current gutter contractor’s license bond that complies with your local requirements. Importantly, your license bond serves as a guarantee to the public that your business operates in accordance with all applicable regulations. You can obtain your gutter contractors license bond easily, instantly and affordably from Colonial Surety Company:

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Understanding the Difference Between License Bonds and Insurance

 To be licensed as a contractor, your state likely requires you to have both a license bond—and various types of insurance. Generally, insurance protects your business. On the other hand, a license bond is a type of surety bond—it represents your commitment to the public that your business is run in accordance with the relevant laws. As Construction Executive further explains:

The bond places conditions on contractors to comply with state and federal laws and regulations for contractors. If a contractor violates the law, the licensing board may file a claim against the bond. Typically, state law also specifies the particular violations that are covered by the contractor license bond.

Partner With National Experts

 In business since 1930, Colonial Surety Company is both a national surety bond expert and a tech innovator. Contractors from across the country are invited to use Colonial’s efficient, self-service, online platform to obtain their license bonds—instantly!

With a portfolio of over 4,00 0 license and permit bonds available digitally, Colonial helps contractors in every field: gutters, roofing, electrical, plumbing, driveways—and more. If you are building or repairing homes or any aspect of them—rest assured, Colonial’s got the bond for that—and we make it easy and affordable for you to obtain your bonds.

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