Cyber for Plan Sponsors

Head’s Up for Plan Sponsors: 2021 Will Be Hopping!


Experts anticipate that 2021 could bring plan sponsors more regulatory action to keep on top of—and increased litigation concerns too.

Trends and Predictions

With cybersecurity increasingly a challenge, some legal experts predict that in 2021, the Department of Labor will need to provide comprehensive guidance about the related responsibilities of retirement plan administrators. Given the confidential information in retirement plans, small businesses need to be especially diligent with cybersecurity efforts. As Plan Sponsor reports:

Smaller businesses, which normally lack the resources to invest in multifaceted cybersecurity measures and are therefore susceptible to cyber breaches, may be at risk, says Jordan Mamorsky, an ERISA [Employee Retirement Income Security Act] litigation attorney at the Wagner Law Group. “Smaller plans have a harder time investing in more robust cybersecurity measures, just because of their resources,” he says.

In addition to regulatory action related to cybersecurity, experts anticipate legislation aimed at preventing vendors from using plan data for commercial or marketing purposes. High profile cases in recent years have illustrated the need for a new fiduciary rule. Such a ruling would likely make it clear that vendors do not own the data and cannot use it for their own purposes.

Given the volatility of the market in the face of COVID-19 disruptions, litigation related to retirement plan fees and losses could also be on the rise. As John Niedernhofer, a complex claims leader at Marsh & McLennan Agency, explains:

Whenever there is substantial sustained market volatility, or a sustained bear market of 10% plus, claim frequency goes up substantially for 12-plus months….To that, add in desperation—such as dramatically increased unemployment figures and a pandemic-fueled widespread negative outlook—and litigation activity will increase in every area, and certainly in investment advice.

Head Into 2021 With Coverage—For The Plan and Yourself

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