Fidelity Bonds

How Can Employee Dishonesty Bonds Protect a Small Business?


If this is your first time hearing the phrase “Employee Dishonesty Bond,” you’re in great company! Many business professionals are unaware of the exceptional benefits of this type of insurance. Employee Dishonesty Bonds safeguard companies and their patrons against severe losses attributable to employee dishonesty. Also coined as “commercial crime bonds,” this type of bond helps shield your business from forgery, fraud, dishonesty, theft, and embezzlement your employees may have committed.

Though companies frequently purchase this bond within the financial province, they are highly recommended for any business whose employees work with sensitive client information or money. If your employees are bonded and commit an illegal act, once the claim against them is proven true, you will be reimbursed for their actions.
It only takes one devastating case of employee dishonesty to bring a small company to its knees. The amount of this bond fluctuates depending on the amount of coverage needed to safeguard yourself against potential losses from these acts.

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