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How to Became a Notary in New Jersey


Becoming a Notary in the state of New Jersey can be a long but rewarding process. The New Jersey Notary commission’s term is five years long and additional costs during the application process can depend on the individual’s vendor. It can also fluctuate depending on whether you are a brand new or renewing Notary.

Who Can Become a Notary in New Jersey?

To become a Notary, the state requires you to be at least 18 years old, be a current resident of New Jersey or a resident of an adjoining state who is regularly employed or upholds a position in New Jersey, and are not convicted of any crime from any one state or of the United States involving a first or second degree crime, or a crime of dishonesty.

Per the National Notary, in order to be appointed as a Notary in the Garden State, you must complete the steps below:

  • Meet all the state’s requirements
  • Complete the notary application on the state’s website
  • Pay the $25 application fee
  • When approved, New Jersey’s Notary Public Unit will grant you a “Oath of Qualification Certificate” and “Commission Certificate”
  • When you receive the certificates, bring them to your county clerk within three months time
  • The county clerk will then administer your oath of office and ask for a filing fee for the certificates. The clerk will then submit the completed “Oath Qualification Certificate” to the Notary Public Unit
  • Subsequently, you must purchase a Notary journal and seal. This step is option, but strongly recommended by the National Notary
  • It is recommended you take Notary training for additional guidance on your novel position. Though training is not required, it is it in a Notary’s best interest

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