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Michigan Offers Guidelines for Construction Sites Re-Opening


Michigan’s just gave the green light to construction, real estate, and other “low-risk” industries to restart business operations starting Thursday, May 7th. Governor Gretchen Whitmer previously suspended these industries on March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, these businesses will now re-emerge, but with novel safety guidelines and rules.

“The steps the governor is taking today will help ensure protections for workers and their families from COVID-19 while allowing for work in lower-risk fields to resume. Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Chief Deputy of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services stated. “We will keep monitoring the data closely and work with our partners across state government to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

Guidelines for construction sites are as follows:

  • Patrons and workers must operate at least six feet away from each other to the maximum extent possible.
  • Designated job site supervisors must enforce COVID-19 controls.
  • Hand-sanitizing or hand-washing stations must be offered at work sites.
  • Identify high-risk areas and choke points, such as hoists and elevators, break areas, hallways, buses, and water stations, and controlling them to maintain social distancing
  • Entry points or various other indicators must be established, if possible, to maintain all workers are health-screened each day.

Click here to view the remaining guidelines for construction sites operating in the state of Michigan.

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