Cyber for Plan Sponsors

Mozilla to Block Malicious Downloads in Firefox


To combat the latest cyber-security threats, the company Mozilla stated that its newest version of its Firefox web browser will incorporate an updated malware-blocking service that will verify signatures for the application downloads.

If signed, Firefox will then compare the signature with a compilation of safe, known publishers. Files not identified by these lists as allowed or safe or as malware Firefox requests Google’s Safe Browsing service if the software is deemed safe by sending it a piece of the download’s metadata.

“And of course if you don’t want to send Google data about the few downloads that don’t match these lists, you can turn off malware protection,” touted Sid Stamm, senior manager of privacy and security engineering at Mozilla. “But we believe eradicating malware is critical for most people, and expect this new feature to help work behind the scenes to keep you safe as you browse.”

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