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New Jersey Will Resume Non-Essential Construction


On May 13, as a firm step on the road back to normalcy in the Garden state, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy enacted a novel Executive Order allowing the resumption of non-essential construction, along with curbside pickup at non-essential retain businesses and vehicle gatherings for the intent of drive-in and drive-through events. These provisions will be in effect at 6:00am on Monday, May 18, while the car gatherings motion will commence immediately.

“Over the past eight weeks, New Jerseyans have taken our stay-at-home order seriously and have created the conditions that make this next phase possible,” Governor Murphy proudly declared, “The steps we are taking allow for important standards of social distancing to continue with the return of safe, responsible business operations.”

The upcoming Order lets non-essential construction work to continue while abiding by safety, social distancing, and sanitization guidelines. This includes ensuring workers are wearing face coverings and masks, staggering work hours, limiting break times for workers, barring non-essential visitors, and requiring proper sanitation.

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